Sparks for Campfire

A simple and fresh approach to using the Campfire chat service.

Fast and Secure

Version 3 has been rewritten from the ground up with speed in mind. Sparks talks to the Campfire service with 128-bit encryption to keep your chats safe.

Enhanced Message View

Account avatars, inline image previews, time segmented messages, and all the chat without the "enter / leave / kick / idle" message noise.


Quickly jump back in time to catch up on previous conversations.

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Coming Soon! Sparks Mac

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"A thorough coat of polish and style, along with some unique features customized for the iPad's interface, make this app stand out." – Apple News Daily
"The new @SparksApp for iPhone is out. Really nice, full featured Campfire client. Dig it much more than 37signals' own client." – David Chartier